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The Best Resources For Finding Fashion Jobs Right Now

Normally, the holidays are not the time we encourage readers to seek new employment, but this year – as with pretty much everything else – things in the job market are different. After many layoffs due to the pandemic, it seems more and more companies are opening their doors to new talent. Fashion jobs have been on the rise in the last few weeks, providing hope when we need it the most.

Whether you are just starting your search or have been at it for a few months, we’ve created a list of resources to help you along the way. The best part is that for many of these sites, jobs are updated daily, so it’s important to check back often.

Additionally, many of these resources have job alerts you can create to send you notifications when a role that fits your qualifications has been posted. This could prove to be invaluable as you could be among the first to apply when the role has been posted.


Many industry professionals use and love Linkedin, others just can’t get into it. Whatever your relationship with the social platform may be, it’s an important tool for your career and worth spending some time researching and learning about it. Use it to connect to other industry professionals, follow leaders and experts in your field and join groups that help expand your network reach. When anyone asks us where to look for fashion jobs or what to do first when starting the search, we immediately tell them to create a Linkedin profile and utilize it as much as possible.

Pro Tip 1:
Connect with recruiters. Independently of emailing subscribers, they (individually) post about roles they are looking to fill almost daily. The best part of this is that many times, in their post they will say “contact me/message me if interested”. No one likes to be the person sending random DMs on Linkedin, but in this case – you won’t be. They are not only giving you permission to reach out to them, but you can directly connect and tell them that you are interested in the role they posted about. It’s truly a win-win.

Pro Tip 2:
Use the job search tool to its maximum capacity. Set up job alerts for multiple types of roles (ex: roles in your industry in your area, roles in your industry that are freelance, roles in your industry that are remote – because, covid). This way, you get various options for the same type of role which means more chances of finding the perfect opportunity.


There are sites dedicated to providing an endless number of opportunities. Sites like these are among some of the most helpful resources when you’re searching for jobs because they offer current available opportunities along with job descriptions and sometimes, even information on the company’s background, reviews on the actual workplace and salary.

Pro Tip 1:
Take your search a step further and upload your resume for easy application. This is especially helpful if you happen to be on the move when you come across a listing you want to apply for and don’t have your files (or your computer) available. Just be sure to always have the most updated version of your resume saved. This is crucial and should be saved/switched out every single time you update your resume information.

Pro Tip 2:
Request search results be emailed to you directly, but be sure to specify the exact keywords and location you are looking for. Otherwise, your inbox will just start to fill up with roles that you are not interested in and it defeats the entire process. Job sites are really great about sending out emails almost daily on updated roles that fall under the search you have signed up for.

Our top picks for job sites that fall under these specifications include:

» Indeed
» Glassdoor 
» Simplyhired 
» Monster


Some sites are exclusively fashion-based and can cut out all the other opportunities, making it easier for you to search. These sites are some of our personal favorites as they really hone in on the industry and give you the chance to see more fashion jobs in the field you are searching for.

However, due to the fact that they are so fashion-centered, this also means that sometimes broader roles are not highlighted. Jobs such as digital marketing or social media could potentially be cut from showing up on certain fashion job sites due to their non-exclusive industry nature. (This is not always the case, but it’s better to be on the lookout just in case there is a role you missed.)

Get super specific when searching for keywords within these sites. Many times, even if the words aren’t in the title, the job description will likely include what you’re looking for or some variation of it. Keep in mind, you should always pay close attention to the role description, experience required and if available – the salary and benefits offered, before applying. 

Depending on the role you are searching for, there may be additional requirements, such as a portfolio or website that features your previous work. It is important to include all of the requirements in whatever form you can. While most sites list these as a required field and won’t let you submit your application if left blank, others don’t. This doesn’t mean you should leave it empty. Doing so may be a red flag for recruiters or companies which may not get your application opened or viewed at all. 

Overall, these are a great place to look, even if just to get a better idea of what roles companies are looking for and their requirements/descriptive keywords. 

Some fashion job favorites include:

» Stylecareers – free subscription-based job search engine
» VelvetJobs – paid subscription-based job search engine
» Fashion Workie – predominantly fashion jobs within the UK, but lots of freelance and remote opportunities as well

Additionally, there are websites dedicated to helping people learn about and further their careers in the industry. Fashionista is a great example of this type of site. It offers background information on all things fashion while also providing opportunities. 

Our website also provides those looking to start or further their fashion careers with lots of industry information including a free resource library with tons of free downloadables including sample interview questions and cold email checklists. Our private fashion community has members from around the world with various experience levels that features weekly content threads, career spotlights and community involvement. The Fashion Careers page is updated weekly with fashion opportunities from all over the world. 

Finally, if you’re ready to take the next step in your career we offer our signature course, Fashion Career Blueprint as well as a private membership with weekly content and 1-1 support.


There can be no article on fashion job resources without bringing up social media. Each platform brings with it its own opportunities, though it’s important to know how to handle each one individually.

Use the hashtags feature to look up fashion jobs, career advice and information on industry experts (what they’re doing, what they’re working on and posting about, etc.).
Examples: #fashioncareer #fashionindustry #fashioninternships #fashionjobs

Follow fashion industry news pages to get information on current events both nationally and worldwide. It’s important to always be aware of what is going on around us and on a larger scale and keep informed with how the economy affects the industry. The better the situation, the better access to jobs and companies hiring more roles – which directly impacts you, as a person looking for a job.

Additionally, there are some companies that will ask you about current events during your interview. This is not meant to be a trick, but simply to see how invested you are in the industry that you love and want to be a part of. 

This information is also helpful for networking events, small talk conversations while in the workplace or simply just to keep yourself informed and up to date on industry news. 

Our favorite resources:

» Business of Fashion
» Diet Prada
» Vogue Business

Join Groups: Do some research and find the groups that provide the information you need whether for your job search or simply to stay informed within the industry. These days, there is a FB Group for just about any topic. They are a powerful tool to connect with others in your industry as well as to learn about and even find opportunities. 

Not sure how to start your FB Group search? Head over to the search bar and type in keywords for what you’re looking for. This could be something as simple as Fashion Jobs. Then, on the left, click on the results to be within groups only (your results could come back in the form of posts, people, hashtags, etc.). You’ll see a list of groups that have all or some keywords that could potentially be a good fit for you. 

We have a private FB Group! Members take part in weekly social media threads, industry discussions, expert interviews and so much more. Check out our group, Into the Fashion Industry, here.

From the Founder

The job search process is not an easy one and there are moments where it feels easy to just give up. I am here to tell you to keep on going. Push through it – one day at a time.

I know it’s not easy to receive rejection email after rejection email, most not even explaining the reason for the rejection, but your perfect role is out there. I promise you.

In the meantime, continue to learn – read about industry news, get online certifications (there are so many free ones being offered all the time!) and better yourself as a professional. 

Our signature course, Fashion Career Blueprint™ will be opening its doors again later this year for all who want to launch their careers in the fashion industry, but can’t seem to start. In the course, I teach you the fundamentals of career essentials and also provide hands-on interactive work sessions with industry professionals and HR experts. I am personally so excited for doors to open again because it has helped so many of you already. We know it is needed. And we are here to provide it for all of you. 

If you want to be among the first to receive information about our digital course, go ahead and leave us comments below or send me a message. I promise to personally get back to you.

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