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How to Find the Fashion Internship That Will Launch Your Career

Ask anyone in fashion how they got their start in the industry and many, if not all, will tell you it was because of an internship; this includes celebrity designers! Once upon a time (before they were the designers we know and love), Stella McCartney interned at Christian Lacroix and Tom Ford was an intern at Chloe. Hard to believe, right? 

Internships are an important aspect of any career in fashion because they give a behind-the-scenes look at a particular facet of the industry. In a broad sense, they help you determine what your strengths are and eventually, help you decide what you will be doing as your full time career in the future. In a much more specific aspect, they give you a chance to be a part of the department’s day-to-day assignments, the overall office environment and the company’s core values. As someone who is just starting out, you will need career guidance, work experience and industry exposure – all things that an internship can and will provide.

Where to Find Internship Opportunities

We’ve put together a list of our favorite resources to help you get started on your search for the perfect internship. Keep in mind that it may take a few internships to find the company or role that you absolutely love, but with each one you try, you build your resume with hands-on experience and that is exactly what companies in the industry are looking for.

1. Directly on Your Company's Website

Whether you love their products or their company motto, sometimes you know exactly the company you want to work for. If this is the case, the company site is the first place you should look. To take it a step further, see if you can locate the email address for the HR department (sometimes, it will be provided on the site itself, while other times, you may have to do some digging) and reach out inquiring about possible internship opportunities. Keep in mind, you may get a refusal or no answer at all. Always be gracious and professional.


There are sites dedicated to providing an endless number of job opportunities. Sites like these are so helpful when you’re searching for internships or even full time jobs because they offer current available opportunities along with job descriptions and sometimes, even the company’s background. Some of these sites even take it a step further and let you upload your resume for easy application as well as request specific search results be emailed to you personally. Top job sites include:


Some sites are exclusively fashion-based and can cut out all the other opportunities, making it easier for you to search. Be aware that sometimes this means broader roles, such as digital marketing or social media, could potentially be cut from showing up on certain sites due to their non-fashion exclusive nature. Overall, these are a great place to look, even if just to get a better idea of what roles companies are looking for and their requirements/descriptive keywords.

Some fashion favorites include: 


There’s no better place to start the search than with your school’s career center or career advisor. Many times, you will be able to work one on one with an advisor who will take into consideration what you’re searching for in addition to your skills. The best part of going to an advisor is that they usually have the best list of available internships and can get you an interview faster than if you did it on your own (this is not always the case, but most of the time it definitely is).


These days, you can literally find a Facebook group for just about any topic. Believe it or not, the number of groups dedicated to a specific field or industry is growing everyday. Do some research and find the tools you need for your internship search. You’d be surprised at what you find on different social platforms. 

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From the Founder

Internships are an excellent way to learn important aspects of whatever role you want to pursue in the industry. They provide hands-on experience and give you an opportunity to test out various roles before settling down on one. Additionally, they give you an advantage over others who have not had this exposure as well as help you grow your list of industry connections. 

My most memorable internship was at Ralph Lauren my senior year of college. Shortly after graduation, I was offered a full time job and remained with the company for seven years doing everything from public relations to marketing + events and even e-commerce styling.

In the end, no matter what company you decide to intern for, the lessons you learn and take away from the internship are ultimately up to you. While testing the waters with different companies could provide an invaluable resource, if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, it is meaningless. So, before you say yes to your first or next internship, remember that your integrity and work ethic should be evident from day one.

Treat your internship like your full-time job. THIS is how you learn, how you get the job and how those industry doors will open for you.

What have you found to be the most useful tactic for finding internships? 

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