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LVMH Kicks Off “You and Me” Recruitment Initiative With 3,500+ Openings By 2025

You and Me LVMH

LVMH has debuted an ambitious hiring initiative entitled “You and Me” aiming to onboard over 3,500 new talents.

With roles spanning corporate positions, retail associates, craftspeople apprentices and hospitality staff, the global recruitment roadshow underscores the French conglomerate’s resolute commitment to continuing robust expansion post-pandemic. It also deliberately cultivates future successors equipped to shepherd LVMH’s illustrious family of legacy brands into an evolving future spanning digital acceleration and climate change priorities.

Unrivaled Scale Meets Human Centricity

As an uncontested luxury leader, LVMH boasts unparalleled dominance, comprising 75 distinguished houses including Louis Vuitton, Dior and Sephora accumulating nearly $80 billion in annual revenues. Yet the group espouses a decentralized structure granting brands autonomy with shared synergies steered by five Executive Committee members personally invested in preserving the integrity of LVMH’s storied heritage.

This rare fusion of intimate creative independence balanced by ambitious vision enables LVMH’s dual pursuit of commercial gains while retaining authentic craftsmanship and ingenuity. However, the group’scontinued prosperity hinges on establishing future custodians able to honor enduring brand DNA through fresh appeal to rising luxury consumers.

Diverse Openings Target Next Generation Successors

By proactively upskilling 3,500+ new recruits through its You and Me initiative, LVMH injects institutional knowledge into potential industry trailblazers equipped to balance tradition with boundary-pushing transformation.

Spanning various brands and geographies, sought-after new hires fill roles ranging in seniority and function. From grassroots retail associates and service personnel gaining firsthand insights into customer engagement to creative directors and technical designers absorbing atelier production intricacies, LVMH grooms well-rounded talents able to perpetuate brands from multidimensional vantages.

Administrative and digital capabilities also take focus to build infrastructure supporting omnichannel evolution. Apprenticeships in leatherworking, watchmaking and more pass precious technical prowess to young artisans carrying forward heritage savoir-faire craftsmanship traditions into the future.

Ultimately each new team member assimilates into the LVMH ecosystem as valued stakeholders collectively upholding an unparalleled legacy. With scaled immersion grounded in human connections, the next generation leads the group toward greater purpose and prosperity.

LVMH You and Me Initiative

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