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Vogue Italia Celebrates 60 Years With Nouvelle Vogue Film Festival

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Vogue Italia Turns 60, Celebrating With A Film Festival

Vogue Italia celebrated a monumental milestone in 2024: the revered fashion bible celebrated its diamond jubilee – 60 spectacular years setting trends and capturing the global imagination through groundbreaking photography, editorials and boundary-pushing creative direction.

To honor this significant anniversary in signature audacious style, Vogue Italia has announced the launch of Nouvelle Vogue, an innovative film festival dedicated to exploring fashion’s enduring cultural influence across borders and decades through the lens of cinema.

Spanning the entire year with monthly screenings, Nouvelle Vogue (French for “new wave”) will showcase a diverse selection of classic films and hidden gems selected to illustrate fashion’s power to spark revolutions in style and self-expression since Vogue first stormed the Italian scene in the liberating 1960s.

“In the year we celebrate 60 years of Vogue Italia, we want to show how pervasive fashion has been in representing society, bringing innovations of all kinds with its cultural revolution,” said Francesca Ragazzi, Head of Editorial Content for Vogue Italia and the creative force behind Nouvelle Vogue. “Just as cinema has done and still does, an art form and industry with which fashion has always photographed the spirit of the time.”

Each film will be accompanied by insightful commentary, interviews and behind-the-scenes exclusives presented by the Vogue Italia editorial team before and after screenings across the magazine’s digital platforms. Special focus will illuminate fascinating connections linking fashion history’s most disruptive creatives with visionaries from Italy’s rich cinematic legacy who daringly questioned conventions to shift culture.

Nouvelle Vogue will also spotlight rising talents pushing boundaries in both film and fashion today, continuing the magazine’s 60-year tradition of amplifying pioneering voices often overlooked by mainstream media.

The opening night on January 19, 2024 promises to capture the festival’s essence of past and future colliding with reverence and revelry. Screening Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s cult classic Blow-Up, Nouvelle Vogue’s debut sparks dialogue on everything from gender norms, individual freedom and the grunge-glam styles electrifying Swinging Sixties London.

As a fitting location to premiere this rad, rule-breaking festival, Vogue selected Bologna’s spectacular new cinema complex Modernissimo. Fresh off a meticulous revitalization project restoring its century-old grandeur, the theater’s glam-meets-gritty Art Deco interiors mirror the evening’s psychedelic time warp theme.

“Taking part in the celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of Vogue Italia, a magazine that contributed to shaping the taste of our country, is a great honor for La Cineteca di Bologna,” said Gianluca Farinelli, Director of the Cineteca di Bologna which runs Modernissimo. “To host the Nouvelle Vogue festival monthly underlines our cinema’s uniqueness – conceived as a gorgeous venue for encountering the magic of film, which fashion has engaged in eternal dialogue.”

Nouvelle Vogue will run monthly screenings at Modernissimo Cinema throughout 2024, steeping film lovers in fashion’s phenomenal impact on culture past and present. With Vogue editors setting the scene, each film promises behind-the-scenes secrets that shaped iconic costume design or photography. Already generating buzz well beyond Bologna’s city limits, the festival expects to attract curious fashionistas and cinephiles craving a glimpse behind the seams of two glamorous yet complex industries forever linked in their power to inspire imagination and shift attitudes.

As Vogue Italia continues displaying daring vision, this love letter to liberation promises to spark important conversations around diversity and using creativity’s mighty megaphone for positive change. Audiences can expect fabulous yet provocative films certain to challenge comfort zones, spotlight untold stories and ignite fresh outlooks on the luminous spirit uniting fashion and cinema at their best: celebrating our glorious shared humanity.

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