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Stella McCartney Launches Clean Beauty Edible Skin Supplements

Stella McCartney new supplements

Stella McCartney Sinks Clean Beauty Ethos Into Wellness With Sustainable Supplements

When trailblazing designer Stella McCartney launched her eponymous label in 2001 after cutting ties with the leather-lined House of Gucci, the fashion industry scoffed. How could a rising superstar forgo fur and leather in luxury? Two decades later, McCartney stands vindicated as a sustainability visionary before her time.

Now the designer is sinking her clean beauty ethics into the wellness space with an ingestible skincare innovation as her legendary house continues pushing boundaries across categories with compassion.

Supplementing Stella’s External Formulas with Internal Nutrition

Just over one year since unveiling clean clinical skincare essentials through STELLA, McCartney is expanding the certified clean blueprint further through supplements. Developed over two and a half years scrutinizing formulas which align with her strict cruelty-free standards, the Alter-Care line features two core offerings:

  • Collagen Protection aims to hydrate skin, minimize inflammation and protect joints through ingredients like ceramides and Vitamin C.
  • Pigmentation Balance combines glutathione and Vitamin B extracts to improve elasticity and even skin tone from within. Both deliver nourishing skin, hair and nail support through capsules housing potent natural ingredients minus controversial fillers.

As Stella McCartney explains,
“We have so much more work to do when it comes to taking better care of our planet and ourselves. Alter-Care sets us on this path, helping people make more conscious decisions that create change.”

She positions the debut as the next era of her clean clinical empire empowering people to pursue healthier, more harmonious lifestyles by introducing this range of gluten- and GMO-free edible supplements.

Stella McCartney supplements

Cultivating Clean Beauty & Wellness Free From Compromise

Stella McCartney built a billion-dollar brand on sustainable luxury that refuses to sacrifice ethics for profit margins. Along the way, she’s spared over one million animal lives through innovations like mushroom leather and recycled nylon tulle gowns that don’t jeopardize beautiful design for brides or red carpet royalty.

Within the $500 billion global wellness marketplace, McCartney again rejects unrealistic standards demanding excess packaging, synthetic ingredients and exploited labor forces. The resulting Alter-Care line crystallizes Stella’s next wave applying enlightened clean principles to whip up highly efficacious formulas that nurture skin integrity across collagen protection, pigmentation balance and antioxidant defense.

Continued Commitment From A Fashion Sustainability Matriarch

Two decades after doubters mocked Stella McCartney’s aspirations of crafting cruelty-free luxury, the designer’s impact ricochets across spheres. Today over 75% of her collections utilize sustainable materials, while in 2021 the house introduced a lifetime repair program for select iconic bags. Beyond apparel & accessories, McCartney amplified advocacy through entertainment projects like Netflix documentary series Down to Earth spotlighting health innovations.

Now through Alter-Care’s debut bridging external nutrition with Stella’s skincare range, McCartney spotlights clean living free from consequences again. Because as the designer concludes, wellbeing spans organic soundscapes like the meditation album created for Alter-Care as much as high-performing supplements or serums themselves.

For her next quarter-century advancing conscientious luxury, Stella McCartney – the multi-hyphenate matriarch, will continue nourishing bodies, souls and the environment with equal tenacity.

Shop the Stella McCartney skincare collection here.

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