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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Fashion Internship

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You got the fashion internship of your dreams, congratulations! …Now what? As with everything in life and career, in order to get the most out of this new experience, you need to do it strategically and with a game plan in mind. First things first, you need to understand that there are certain things you …

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How to Find the Fashion Internship That Will Launch Your Career

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Ask anyone in fashion how they got their start in the industry and many, if not all, will tell you it was because of an internship; this includes celebrity designers! Once upon a time (before they were the designers we know and love), Stella McCartney interned at Christian Lacroix and Tom Ford was an intern …

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The Best Resources For Finding Fashion Jobs Right Now

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Normally, the holidays are not the time we encourage readers to seek new employment, but this year – as with pretty much everything else – things in the job market are different. After many layoffs due to the pandemic, it seems more and more companies are opening their doors to new talent. Fashion jobs have …

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Being a Fit Model During Covid and Its Effect on the Fashion Industry – An Interview with Linda Oliver

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As we continue with our Fashion Week series, this week we sat down [virtually, of course] with Linda Oliver, a fit model who has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. She breaks down what it means to be a fit model in New York City, the journey that led her to this …

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Backstage at Fashion Week: The Roles You Need to Know

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September is here and with it comes that magical time of the year where street styles take over and a special electricity fills the New York City air, signifying one thing: Fashion Week is upon us. Unfortunately, this year due to the pandemic, things will look a bit different than usual. However, this won’t stop …

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How to Network & Stay Informed of Fashion Industry News During the Pandemic

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Back in March, no one imagined the world would turn into the craziness we are living through today. However, even in the face of a pandemic, it’s important to continue networking and staying updated on fashion industry news. Working from home has given many companies the inspiration to think outside the box in order to …