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Moschino Mourns Passing of New Creative Director Davide Renne

Moschino Davide Renne

Moschino in Mourning After New Creative Director Passes Away

The fashion world is reeling from the utterly heartbreaking news of Davide Renne’s untimely passing. The visionary designer, newly appointed as Creative Director of Moschino just days prior, has died at the young age of 46 from a sudden illness.

In a statement, Moschino’s parent company Aeffe announced the tragic loss, saying “There are no words to describe the pain we are experiencing at this dramatic time.” Chairman Massimo Ferretti went on to describe how in the short time they had worked together, Renne made himself “loved and respected” through his “imagination and creativity.”

Renne’s career in fashion spanned over two decades of impeccable work, most prominently as head of the womenswear department at Gucci. The Tuscan native worked closely alongside creatives like Alessandro Michele and Frida Giannini, imbuing collections with his sophisticated, romantic aesthetic. His passion for the craft was profound.

Only at the start of November, Renne had been chosen to succeed Jeremy Scott following his legendary 10-year run as Moschino’s creative lead. It was set to be a new era for the irreverent Italian luxury house, with Renne bringing his own flair while respecting the brand’s heritage. His highly anticipated Milan Fashion Week debut was scheduled for February 2024.

While he only had weeks to begin realizing his vision, colleagues say Renne’s presence was already felt – he brought an atmosphere of “enthusiasm and optimism” for Moschino’s future. His unexpected absence leaves a profound void, both creatively and emotionally. Moschino must now confront the enormous task of moving forward without its chosen guide.

While nothing can fill the space left by someone so vital, so talented and so admired, Renne’s legacy will live on through his life’s work. The collections he touched now stand as a testament to his sophisticated eye, his technical mastery, and his deep passion for community and beauty. Moschino will undoubtedly uphold and celebrate his vision, allowing it to blossom even in his absence.

Though gone far too soon, Davide Renne’s radiant imagination will continue inspiring fellow designers and fashion lovers the world over. Through their artistry, his influence ripples outward, a reminder that beauty persists even amidst profound sorrow. At times like these, we must remember the light people brought while they were here to illuminate the way forward.

The story of Moschino’s next chapter remains unwritten, but Renne’s indelible mark on the brand – and on every person who had the privilege of working alongside him – will never fade. As the fashion world mourns his loss, we keep alive all that he stood for and take comfort in the legacy he leaves behind. 


Moschino is grieving the sudden loss of newly appointed creative director Davide Renne, who died at age 46 from an ‘unexpected illness’ just days after assuming the role. Renne was set to make his runway debut in February 2024, taking over from Jeremy Scott’s 10-year legacy leading the Italian luxury house. Moschino and parent company Aeffe are faced with the difficult task of moving forward after the tragic loss of creative leadership.

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