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The Complete Guide to Landing a Coveted Louis Vuitton Internship in Paris

Louis Vuitton Corporate Paris Internships 2024

Louis Vuitton Internships Open Now in Paris: What You Need & How to Apply

Louis Vuitton stands at the apex of luxury, artistry and innovation in the fashion sphere. The iconic French maison exudes unmatched heritage and refinement through its leather goods and haute couture.

As one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world, Louis Vuitton holds an esteemed place within parent company LVMH. This multinational conglomerate also houses prestigious names like Dior, Givenchy, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs.

From its 1854 origins crafting luxury trunks in Paris to today’s boundary-pushing collections, Louis Vuitton maintains an aura of French elegance and accessory expertise. Generations have sought the maison for its impeccable blend of tradition and modernity.

Recent initiatives like appointing visionary Pharrell Williams as Men’s Creative Director and pledging renewable energy in all stores by 2024 prove Louis Vuitton never rests on its laurels. The maison continually evolves yet retains its essence of peerless quality.

Beyond the runway, Louis Vuitton operates corporate offices and historic leather workshops within Paris. It also runs the respected Louis Vuitton Foundation dedicated to spotlighting contemporary culture through art, architecture and design.

Recent initiatives like appointing Pharrell Williams as Men’s Creative Director and their pledge to use renewable energy in stores by 2024 prove the maison continually pushes boundaries.

Louis Vuitton operates corporate offices and leather workshops in the heart of Paris. The historic maison also runs the Louis Vuitton Foundation, dedicated to spotlighting contemporary art and culture.

The Immense Value of Fashion Internships

Within the ultra-competitive fashion industry, internships provide invaluable real-world training and exposure. They enable aspiring professionals to receive hands-on education within their specific field of interest.

For students, interning with prestigious Parisian maisons like Louis Vuitton serves as a true foot in the door. You’ll gain firsthand insight into your desired sector through tangible work experience. Internships allow you to test-drive roles, expand your network, and forge mentor relationships.

Completing an internship also demonstrates passion and initiative to future employers. It shows you are proactive in seeking opportunities early in your career versus waiting passively post-graduation.

When internship experience aligns directly with full-time job responsibilities, chances of receiving an offer increase exponentially. Many professionals actually begin their careers in roles they previously interned for.

Treat your internship as an extended interview. Dedicate yourself fully and ensure the company sees your capabilities. This hands-on exposure allows you to sharpen soft and hard skills in real time.

For aspiring fashion specialists, internships provide the ultimate insider perspective into how an esteemed house operates. There is simply no replacement for gaining firsthand training within your chosen industry.

When you strategically select an internship that matches your specific career ambitions, it accelerates your path exponentially. An administrative role enlightens future CEOs. Editorial interns transform into magazine editors. This targeted experience helps determine your ideal career fit.

Ultimately, fashion internships give you a profound advantage when transitioning from classroom to career. The knowledge and network you gain blazes a trail to your dream role within the competitive luxury space.

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The French Application Process for Internships

The application process in France may differ slightly from other countries or companies. Structuring your materials appropriately is key.

Nearly all French companies expect a CV and cover letter when applying for internships. CVs tend to be more extensive, including academic details starting from secondary school.

Cover letters are more formal. Address them to Monsieur or Madame with their surname. Discuss your passion for the specific brand and department in a sincere yet professional tone.

The minimum legal internship duration in France is 2 months, but most last 4-6 months aligned with university semesters. Interns are entitled to minimum compensation and have maximum weekly hour restrictions.

Do ample research to tailor your application to the unique etiquette and expectations in France. This shows respect and diligence.

Available Louis Vuitton Paris Internships

A range of internship opportunities at Louis Vuitton in corporate, retail, studio production and more are available right now. Select the internship that most speaks to your goals, your interests and skills and apply below!


At the heart of the Women’s Accessories studio, you will join the design team and assist one of our Senior Designers in his missions.


    •  Materials & Trends Research
    • Monitoring the progress of the collections
    • Hand sketches, illustration and technical sheets (Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D)
    • Administrative assistance


    • Student in fashion, styling and design school. You have a pronounced taste for accessories, hand drawing and volumes.
    • You have excellent drawing skills and good knowledge of Adobe CC, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and if possible AutoCAD/Rhino
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Apply to this internship here.


Within the Women Accessories studio, we are seeking an energetic, self-motivated intern to join our dynamic team.


    • Research of materials and trends
    • Follow-up on the progress of the collections
    • Hand sketching, illustration and data sheets (Photoshop, Illustrator)
    • Administrative assistance


    • Student in a fashion, styling or design school is a must
    • Strong taste for accessories, hand drawing and volumes
    • French required, English or Italian is a plus
    • Every application must have a resume and a portfolio (sketches, inspirations, research, etc.)
    • An internship agreement edited by your school is mandatory

Starting date: November 2023
Duration: 4-6 months

Apply to this internship here.


In this role, you will discover a strategic profession at the crossroads of Product and Purchasing, and in permanent link with the markets. You will be able to gain a global vision of our international Leather Goods offering and how to build our store assortments.


    • Monitoring of activity and management actions (sharing of information with the zones, etc.)
    • Varied analysis work, both qualitative and quantitative, on the performance of the collections (end of season analyses, purchasing debriefings, competitive analysis, etc.)
    • Preparation of presentation materials, including purchasing sessions, business reviews and product briefs
    • Participation in showrooms


    • Student in 2nd or 3rd year of business school, engineering schools or university equivalent
    • Strong Fashion/luxury world sensitivity, Interest and curiosity for the product
    • Strong analytical mind and have an advanced level in the use of Excel
    • You will operate in an international environment, fluent English is necessary

Starting date: January 2024
Duration: 6 months/full time
If your application is successful, you will be invited to a recruitment day in Paris on Friday September 22nd.

Apply to this internship here.


This role reports to the Manager of the Exotic Leathers Division and is located within the Louis Vuitton Headquarters. 


    • Support the sourcing team as well as the stylist
    • Sourcing: You will be in direct contact with the teams manufacturing exotic leather goods products
    • Travel in France and abroad is possible as part of this role


    • You are looking for your M1 or M2 internship, in a business or engineering school
    • Excellent command of office tools (Office Pack) and Photoshop
    • You are comfortable with processing encrypted data
    • You are fluent in English (working language)

Starting date: January/February 2024
Duration: 6 months

Apply to this internship here.

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This role works within the women’s ready-to-wear workshop and in conjunction with the studio.


    • Assembly of models for the studio (details, pieces and frames of clothing)
    • Assembly of entire canvases and clothing frames for the workshop
    • Mounting suggestions
    • Finishing suggestions
    • Support for the various workshop activities


    • You are a student doing an internship at a School of Fashion, Style or university equivalent
    • You have a strong sensitivity to fashion and the world of luxury
    • You have technical knowledge of the product and the collection development process
    • Rigor, good interpersonal skills, work ethic are your assets
    • Your level of English is fluent (Italian is a plus)
    • You master the Office Pack

Starting date: January 2024
Duration: 6 months/full time

Apply to this internship here.


On a daily basis, in your missions, you will be responsible for respecting the House’s commitments to encourage diversity, protect the environment and have a positive impact on the company and society.


    • Participate in working groups aimed at characterizing our leathers (flexibility, shine, color, etc.): organization and monitoring of testing campaigns, compilation and analysis of data
    • Create books of existing materials as well as books of variations of finishes
    • Carry out the entire development process for new materials (leather, edge dyeing, transformation) as part of one or more new product projects
    • Carry out tests on new leather or transformation references: launch of laboratory requests, monitoring of deadlines, reminders, recovery, analysis of results and sharing with developers
    • Set up a monitoring tool as part of securing material purchases (capacity, budget)
    • Lead diversifications launched for each leather


    • You are currently training at an engineering school, business school or equivalent
    • You have a good knowledge of IT tools (Office Pack including Excel)
    • You have developed a strong sensitivity to leather goods/materials
    • You have good interpersonal skills; adaptable and flexible, you know how to be proactive
    • You are looking for experience in project management
    • You master the English language

Starting date: April 2024
Duration: 6 months/full time

Apply to this internship here.


Integrated into the House’s Ready-to-Wear Supply Chain department, you work directly in collaboration with members of the Business planning, logistics, merchandising team and the Supply Chain teams in the area.


    • You participate in the preparation and monitoring of collection launches to the zones (settings, updating of the offer, reception/preparation priorities)
    • You are in charge of the development and continuous improvement of activity reports
    • You participate in ad hoc studies (improvement of lead time, environmental projects, etc.)


    • Student in final year of engineering school or university equivalent
    • You have a strong affinity with figures and information systems
    • You are autonomous, rigorous and you have good interpersonal skills
    • Advanced mastery of Excel, Power BI is a plus
    • Fluent English required

Starting date: January 2024
Duration: 6 months/full time

Apply to this internship here.


Within our Communications Department, you support Media Managers in the implementation of Louis Vuitton’s media strategy. During your experience you will be able to benefit from the excellent know-how of our teams and thus develop your skills, in addition to your communication skills.


    • Assist the Media team of 5 people in coordinating the implementation and monitoring of advertising campaigns and media plans with their markets
    • Assistance in the management of offline World plans (Press – Billboard – TV – Cinema) in more than 50 countries in collaboration with LV offices in the markets
    • Production of advertising material with external service providers on different communication media
    • Monitoring and management of quotes and supplier invoicing
    • Develop privileged contacts with different contacts externally (media agencies, production agencies) and internally (Art Purchasing, merchandising)


    • You are in your final year/gap year of Business School or university equivalent (Bac +4/5)
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and are a team player
    • You are versatile with good adaptation skills
    • Strong appetite for media and communication
    • You have a very good level of English, both written and spoken
    • Proficient in Excel and Powerpoint

Starting date: January 2024
Duration: 6 months

Apply to this internship here.


You will support the international press officer in implementing the product press strategy. 


    • Logistical support for carrying out shoots for international magazines (management of shipments, responsible for re-calls and collection traffic, shopping returns, assistance with storage and transport)
    • Organization of product storage: consistent and practical
    • Optimization of sharing of the press collection in order to give a maximum of positive responses to shopping requests
    • Preparation of price tables and descriptions, and details of all the pieces in each collection in order to edit the “credits” of the publications
    • Help with the organization of press days
    • Support for “International press attachés”. You will be required to develop privileged contacts with different contacts externally (stylists and journalists) and internally (marketing departments)
    • In order to understand the values ​​of our Company, you will be invited to an integration day at Headquarters


    • Rigorous, organized, responsive, motivated and precise, you have good interpersonal skills and you know how to make yourself available
    • Passionate about fashion, dynamic, mature, and autonomous, you demonstrate autonomy, maturity and are proactive
    • Mandatory internship agreement
    • Mastery of Office Pack (Excel and Powerpoint)
    • Fluent English, both written and spoken ESSENTIAL
    • Fashion GPS is a plus

Starting date: February 2024
Duration: 6 months/full time

Apply to this internship here.


This role supports the Talent Acquisition team of the Louis Vuitton Headquarters HR department and reports to the Talent Acquisition Officer in charge of Creative Recruitment.


    • Support the recruitment process for creative positions on fixed-term, permanent, freelance or temporary contracts
    • Support the headhunting dynamic
    • Candidate sourcing, LinkedIn searches and database input


    • Current student studying at a Business, Fashion, Design school or university equivalent
    • Strong sense of organization and priority management
    • High proficiency with The MS Office Pack (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) 
    • Comfortable in English, written and spoken

Apply to this internship here.


Securing a competitive Louis Vuitton internship takes dedication and perseverance, but the rewards for your career are immense.

Strive for excellence in your application materials and interview. Highlight your genuine passion for the brand through informed, thoughtful responses.

If you receive an offer, devote yourself fully to excelling in the internship. Bring positivity, focus and intellectual curiosity each day. Build rapport with team members through reliability, initiative and openness to feedback.

An internship at this globally revered French house will provide lifelong skills, inspiration and professional advantages. Approach each moment as an opportunity to learn and prove your capabilities.

With passion, diligence and resilience, you can manifest an esteemed internship in the fashion capital of Paris. Stay focused on your long-term dreams and soak up every second of insight this career-accelerating experience provides. Let your Louis Vuitton internship be the stepping stone to a future you’ll look back on with pride.

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