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LaunchMetrics Releases FW24 Fashion Week Data Insights Across Fashion Cities

LaunchMetrics FW24 FW Report

Breaking Down LaunchMetrics FW24 Fashion Week Data Insights

Renowned for its innovative approach to data analytics within the fashion industry, LaunchMetrics has established itself as a trusted partner for brands, designers and industry professionals alike. With its comprehensive reports, LaunchMetrics not only sheds light on trends and performances, but also provides invaluable guidance for navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

These reports are more than just data – they are compasses guiding fashion professionals through the intricacies of Fashion Weeks across the globe. From New York to Paris, LaunchMetrics captures the essence of each event, offering insights that empower brands to make informed decisions, identify opportunities and maximize their impact in an increasingly competitive market.

Now, as we dive into the latest insights from FW24 Fashion Week, let’s unravel the significance of LaunchMetrics’ Media Impact Value (MIV®) algorithm and how it revolutionizes our understanding of the fashion industry’s dynamics.

Media Impact value (MIV®) and what it measures

Media Impact Value (MIV®) is a proprietary algorithm developed by LaunchMetrics that provides a standardized metric for measuring the value of all marketing activities across various channels, markets and voices. It assigns a monetary value to each post, interaction and article, allowing brands to quantify their brand and marketing performance, collaboration results, and even competitor activity.

MIV® considers both qualitative and quantitative attributes, such as reach, engagement, advertising rates, posting frequency, content quality, content relevancy, source authority and more. By analyzing these factors using AI and machine learning techniques, MIV® offers a holistic view of a brand’s performance, providing insights that would be impossible to gauge through any single metric. 

key metrics and concepts in these reports

  • Media Impact Value (MIV®)
    The monetary value assigned to each post, interaction, or article, representing its overall impact.
  • Placements
    The number of posts, articles, or interactions related to a specific query (e.g., brand, product, or event).
  • Voices
    LaunchMetrics’ approach to categorizing the sources of value creation, including Media, Celebrities, Influencers, Partners, and Owned Media.
  • Share of Value/Voice
    The percentage of MIV® generated by a specific brand, segment, or influencer during an event or time period.
  • Average MIV®
    The average MIV® per placement for a specific subset of data, indicating the average quality or efficiency of a channel or voice.

FW24 metrics by fashion week city


  • Generated $181.5M in MIV®, with on-schedule runway events performing best in terms of attendance.
  • Instagram and Media Voices reigned supreme, contributing over 50% and 24% of the total MIV®, respectively.
  • TikTok’s influence is growing, ranking as one of the top valuable channels with the highest average MIV® per placement.
  • Brands activated beyond borders, with emerging markets like Argentina and Brazil gaining attention.


  • Celebrated its 40th anniversary, generating $78.1M in MIV®.
  • Instagram (46%) and Online (31%) were the main drivers of Brand Performance.
  • Media and Influencer Voices dominated conversations, with TikTok emerging as the most efficient platform.
  • Athletes like Bukayo Saka and David Beckham made notable appearances, boosting event impact.


  • Drew attendees from around the world, generating $273.4M in MIV®.
  • Instagram (61%) maintained its dominance, while TikTok surpassed Facebook in terms of MIV®.
  • Media and Celebrity Voices reigned supreme, with APAC stars like NCT, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, and Heart Evangelista driving significant impact.
  • YouTube emerged as the most efficient platform, generating the highest average MIV® per placement.


  • Drove $119.7M in MIV®, with the Celebrity Voice (27%) contributing significantly.
  • APAC stars, including Karina, Enhypen, and TWICE, dominated the top celebrity ranks.
  • Owned Media overtook the Influencer Voice, as brands prioritized efficiency and audience engagement on their channels.


  • Generated $205.8M in MIV®, with TikTok overtaking Online Media as the second most valuable channel.
  • Influencers and Owned Media contributed 11% each to the total MIV®.
  • APAC celebrities, such as Tomorrow X Together (TXT) and Sho Hirano, made notable appearances.


  • Drove $232.2M in MIV®, with Instagram (50%) and Media Voice (66%) leading the charge.
  • TikTok’s average MIV® per placement reached $14.5K, showcasing its growing efficiency.
  • Brazilian and Mexican regions gained prominence, with Gessica Kayane as the top Celebrity Voice ($4.2M MIV®).

By understanding the concepts and metrics behind MIV® and analyzing the key insights from the FW24 Data Insights reports, as a fashion professional, you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s performance, trends and the impact of various voices and channels on brand success during Fashion Weeks. 

Download your own copy of the LaunchMetrics FW24 Fashion Week Data Insights Report here.

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