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Take a Look Inside the New J’Adore Dior Exhibition in Paris

J'Adore Dior Exhibition PFW

Immerse Yourself in the World of J'adore Dior With a New Exhibit for the Senses

As Paris Fashion Week begins, Dior invites us to an exciting free exhibition where visitors can experience the storied heritage of one of fashion’s most legendary fragrances – J’adore Dior.

From September 27th to October 8th, 2022, the Beaux-Arts de Paris will host “Dior J’adore!” This special event pays homage to the timeless perfume that captured the essence of Dior’s luxurious femininity and love of flowers.

J’adore Dior’s lyrical name rings like a joyful exclamation reflecting Christian Dior’s passions – floral couture creations emerging from his atelier and the noble heritage of the French fashion house. Since its launch in 1997, the luminous fragrance has enthralled perfume aficionados worldwide as an olfactory masterpiece.

This free exhibition traces J’adore’s journey across decades, revealing inside stories and inspirations behind its creation. Visitors will discover intimate perspectives on Dior himself, his secret gardens, and influences that shaped the perfume’s aura of luxury.

At its heart, J’adore celebrates the floral world. Lush jasmine and rose notes compose its noble bouquet, conceived by master perfumers including Francis Kurkdjian. The bottle’s elegant form pays homage to ancient Roman amphorae.

j'adore dior free exhibit paris fashion week
j'adore dior paris fashion week exhibition

Over the years, iconic advertising images starring elegant ambassadors like Charlize Theron further cemented J’adore Dior’s cultured sensuality. The exhibition explores works by contemporary artists who found inspiration in the iconic fragrance.

Inside the Beaux-Arts galleries, multi-sensory displays will transport visitors into J’adore’s romantic universe. Christian Dior’s original passion for flowers comes to life alongside the perfume’s journey through successive decades of influence.

J'adore Dior Exhibition Paris Fashion Week

Some key highlights of the Dior J’adore exhibit include:

  • Archival sketches, photos and documents from Christian Dior’s life revealing his deep connection to floral inspirations.
  • An immersive garden area blooming with replicas of the flowers found in J’adore’s signature bouquet like rose and jasmine.
  • A gallery showcasing vintage J’adore advertisements and campaigns starring elegant muses over the years.
  • An exhibit of J’adore bottles from across eras including limited editions by contemporary artists.
  • Immersive room scents, visuals and music to envelop visitors in the aura of J’adore.
  • A showcase of haute couture gowns punctuating the fragrance’s evolution and Dior’s peerless craftsmanship.
  • An exploration of J’adore’s influence through installations of artworks, films and pop culture moments it inspired.

The multi-sensory journey allows guests to experience firsthand the vibrant passion contained in each drop of this beloved elixir. J’adore’s history comes alive through sight, sound, scent and atmosphere.

j'adore dior parfum exhibit paris fashion week

Beyond the public exhibition, Dior is partnering with art institutions around the world for special J’adore-themed initiatives. Galerie Noir in London will highlight female designers and creators inspired by the fragrance. Stockholm’s Fotografiska Museum features artwork from the imaginative world of J’adore.

Dior Parfums CEO Charlnoine Crucifix notes: “The history of perfumery at Dior is closely linked to that of art and femininity which are, along with flowers, endless sources of inspiration.”

This stunning exhibition encapsulates the refinement, creativity and delicate beauty contained in Christian Dior’s beloved J’adore essence. It celebrates a perfume that for over two decades has represented the height of luxury.

For any lover of art, scent or fashion, the J’Adore Dior exhibition is an unmissable experience during Paris Fashion Week. 

September 27 – October 8, 2023
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts
Free Entry

Book your tickets here.

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