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The Fashion Calendar: Step Back in Time with New Digital Archive Immortalizing 70 Years of Content

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Step Back in Time with New Digital Archive Immortalizing 70 Years of The Fashion Calendar

The names filling the glitzy front rows may change, but fashion’s impact endures as a mirror reflecting society’s shifting cultural norms and values from decade to decade. Now a newly digitized database offers fashionistas, researchers and history buffs alike full access to explore this evolution firsthand through the entire 70-year run of an industry mainstay publication.

From 1941 to 2014, pioneering publisher Ruth Finley chronicled the bustling biannual fashion weeks and myriad industry events within the pink-tinged pages of her seminal trade periodical, The Fashion Calendar. Once dubbed “the bible of fashion” crucial for insiders to navigate the nonstop whirlwind of shows and presentations, Finley’s beloved serial now lives on for all as a free searchable archive.

Digitizing Over 39,000 Issues of a Defining Cultural Artifact

The New York-based Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) spearheaded the massive digitization undertaking, converting the 39,000-plus original issues of Finley’s signature glossy into PDF format. Users can easily browse any past copy ranging from the post-WWII 1940s to the early internet heyday circa 2010.

But FIT took preservation further by actually extracting and parsing metadata from the 200,000+ fashion events Finley’s Fashion Calendar chronicled in its celebrated 70-year publishing run. This additional indexing, tagging and structuring of the rich data enables heightened searchability otherwise impossible combing simple scans.

The resulting Fashion Calendar Research Database (FCRD) now facilitates mining the metadata to identify meaningful patterns and connections. With targeted querying, the open access portal reveals captivating insights on representation spanning gender, race, class, sexual identity and more as they evolved through time.

Preserving an Iconic Legacy to Spotlight Fashion’s Deeper Story

The release of FIT’s publicly accessible digital archive cements pioneering publisher Ruth Finley as one of fashion history’s unsung sheroes. For over half a century, Finley’s signature stark aesthetic and signature pop of pink gave order to the industry’s chaotic biannual cycle of runway shows.

Yet her Fashion Calendar’s true legacy lies in spotlighting fashion as far more than glitz on the catwalk. Its meticulous documentation of American fashion history ultimately manuscripts deeper issues of representation, power and politics behind the pomp.

Through Finley’s lens, fashion transforms into a compelling creative vehicle mirroring meaningful cultural shifts over 70 years of monumental change in society. With FIT’s archival portal, anyone can now plainly glimpse these radical transformations taking form in the pages of an inconspicuous industry trade publication – from 1940s Parisian couture to rise of 1990s minimalism to 2010’s diversity push.

Scholars and fashion fanatics alike have priceless primary source material at their fingertips to chart fashion’s immense socio-cultural role thanks to visionary Ruth Finley. So journey back in style through the decades and discover hidden stories to inspire future generations.

Access the archives here.

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