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Burberry x Harrods Collaboration is Turning London Blue to Celebrate 175 Anniversary

Burberry x Harrods London Takeover
Photo: Burberry / TDM.Space

Burberry Pitches Its London Tent at Harrods for a Month-Long British Takeover

Two iconic pillars of British fashion and retail are joining forces this February for a historic tent-themed takeover: Burberry has embarked on a month-long residency transforming Harrods’ legendary London flagship store. Marking the historic department store’s 175th Platinum anniversary, the tent-pitched creative collaboration also represents revolutionary firsts for Harrods thanks to Burberry’s boundary-pushing creative chief Daniel Lee. As Burberry Chief Creative Officer Daniel Lee described, the collaboration brings together “two iconic British brands” in creative ways by designing a capsule collection with products exclusive to Harrods and creating an experience in-store” captures the pioneering spirit of the partnership.

The Burberry camping-inspired takeover kicked off February 1st with the first ever redesign of both Harrods’ windows and employee uniforms by another brand. That signature Burberry check has overtaken staff outfits and store awnings which now resemble popped check tents. Inside, a buzzing Burberry Camping Corner activated space stocks adventure must-haves like Knight Blue bottle openers alongside trailblazing new capsule collection pieces exclusive to Harrods through February.

Burberry Harrods Uniforms
Photo: Burberry / TDM.Space

Windows Glow Blue, Uniforms Don Check Prints in a British Invasion First

Along Brompton Road, evening passersby glimpse towering marble columns and Harrods’ iconic green canopies glowing in Burberry’s signature Knight Blue hue – bathing London’s most famous shopping mecca in the brand’s favored bold color. Come daylight, those regal Hall Porter canopies reveal another exciting Burberry invasion: recast as makeshift explorer tents with billowing check flaps and carabiners anchoring them to pillars wrapped in Burberry stripes.

Just as eye-catching, Harrods’ legendarily immaculate green-uniformed staff now boast bespoke Burberry check-lined jackets and accessories. It marks the absolute first instance of the historic institution allowing another brand to dress employees – ushering in a revolutionary new era of British fashion and retail giants creatively co-branding through the current youthquake energy Daniel Lee has brought since joining Burberry as Chief Creative Officer.

Bringing the Outdoors In: Burberry Camping Corner Carves Explorer Oasis

Venturing inside amidst glowing blue lights, an intriguing in-store activation dubbed The Burberry Camping Corner further immerses guests within the escapist spirit. The retail residency campsite oasis finds Burberry outfitting their Harrods neighborhood, in a sense, by stocking explorer essentials bearing both brand insignias. Think hammocks, leather water carriers, cashmere blanket scarves and canvas weekend bags referencing legends like Ernest Shackleton, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing.

Of course, no camping trip is complete without snacks. Burberry subsequently tapped venerable Kendal, England-based Romney’s bakery, founded in 1851, to produce limited-edition Kendal Mint Cake bars featuring vintage Burberry ads. The sweet treat has fueled Everest climbers for generations – making it the perfect cross-generational bridge between brands seeking to spotlight British innovation while glancing back at rich histories.

Photo: Burberry / TDM.Space

Capsule Collection Blends New Burberry Codes with Harrods Staples

But naturally, the crown jewel of any luxury house invading Harrods lies in exclusive shopping opportunities and Burberry delivers mightily through two in-store pop-up shops also live for February. Across the dual campsites, Daniel Lee masterfully reimagines Burberry retail touch points through the Harrods lens via a 40-piece capsule.

Finding inspiration back in harbors lining Yorkshire seaside towns he frequented growing up, Lee injects nautical references within quintessentially British Burberry silhouettes primed for Harrods’ discerning clientele. Thus we see etched anchors adorning new tailored Rochester handbags crafted from rich burnished leathers. Elsewhere, crested knight chess piece and English equestrian motifs link back to the current heroic explorer-focused advertising under Lee in playful ways.

For a touch of cheek, dog clip leashes glistening in chartreuse and azalea pink punctuate buttery Box leather sneakers and duck-embossed wallet pouches. This vibrant utilitarian twist on Burberry’s rigorous house codes proves Daniel Lee has fully awakened this sleeping giant of British fashion, shaking it awake through injections of calculated youthful energy. And further cementing his early tenure’s blinding momentum, every single piece remains available only to those passing through Burberry x Harrods portals through February’s end.

Photo: Burberry / TDM.Space

While the Harrods takeover marks a retail first for dual branding, Burberry simultaneously aims to tap into the heritage and national pride of both brands by aligning with recent campaign stars. British talents from Ramla Ali to King Krule and Mary Berry have fronted Chief Creative Officer Daniel Lee’s house campaigns focused on explorer identity.

The month-long British fashion celebration creatively bridges past, present and future for the legacy brands. With Burberry outfitting Harrods staff in their signature check, the collaboration kicks off a new chapter of innovative co-branding and shared national spirit. Guests can experience the magic firsthand by visiting Harrods or shopping the exclusive capsule online through the end of February.

Shop the full experience here.

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