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Bottega Veneta Opens A New Academy Honoring Heritage Craftsmanship

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Bottega Veneta's new academy blends heritage craftsmanship with training tomorrow’s fashion artisans

Iconic Italian luxury label Bottega Veneta has announced the launch of an ambitious new academy focused on passing the torch of artisanal excellence to future generations. Named “Accademia Labor et Ingenium,” the academy opened in October 2023 as a critical initiative to preserve Bottega’s heritage and connect emerging creatives to the cherished traditions of Made in Italy fashion.

Through immersive training programs, development courses, and regional partnerships, the Accademia embodies Bottega Veneta’s ethos of community and creativity. By sharing its specialized craft knowledge and techniques, Bottega Veneta is ensuring the enduring legacy of peerless Italian quality.

Bridging Past and Future Generations of Craftsmanship

The Accademia Labor et Ingenium represents a vital investment in the future of fashion artisanship. Through rigorous training headed by Bottega’s master craftspeople, the academy focuses on passing hard-earned wisdom to passionate students.

Bottega Veneta’s CEO Bartolomeo Rongone explained: “Craftsmanship and creative excellence are an integral part of our brand and the heritage of our home region, Veneto. With this academy, we are taking the collective ethos, which is at the heart of Bottega Veneta, to an even higher level.”

Indeed, Bottega Veneta has a distinguished 50-year history on which the academy builds. The label has been revered for peerless leather goods and artisanal quality since its founding in Vicenza in 1966. Skilled technical prowess is encoded into the brand’s DNA.

By bridging experienced masters with emerging talent, the academy ensues this heritage thrives for generations to come. Students gain access to the specialized expertise that defines Made in Italy excellence.


A Multifaceted Approach to Preserving Craft

To fully safeguard Italian fashion craftsmanship, the Accademia offers a multifaceted program. The academy takes a three-pronged approach:

  • Training emerging students in the intricacies of leather goods and shoe-making under the guidance of Bottega’s artisans. About 50 students will be accepted annually for this intensive tutelage.
  • Ongoing development courses to enrich the skills of Bottega Veneta’s existing artisans and employees. Workshops facilitate continuous learning.
  • Partnerships with local enterprises and schools to support Made in Italy craftsmanship in the Veneto region and honor Bottega’s heritage.

This combination of nurturing new recruits, sharpening veteran expertise, and investing locally allows for a holistic propagation of artisanal techniques. It ensures the unique technical mastery that defines Bottega Veneta gets passed to hands able to carry it forward for generations.

Blending Tradition with Innovation

While founded on heritage, the academy also incorporates modern twists. The 50 annual students participate in professional development modules to ready them for leadership. There is an emphasis on blending tradition with innovation.

Rongone explained, “With this academy, we are taking the collective ethos at the heart of Bottega Veneta to a new level.” Evolution is encouraged alongside upholding treasured techniques.

The academy’s inaugural course on bag design and prototyping commenced in October 2023 through a partnership with Venice’s Iuav University. Eight select students learned directly from Ruggero Negretto, a master artisan with Bottega Veneta for over four decades.

This fellowship between academy students and seasoned experts allows knowledge transferal in real-time through hands-on collaboration. By blending heritage and innovation, the program ensures traditions remain relevant

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Strengthening Made in Italy’s Fashion Legacy

At its core, the Accademia Labor et Ingenium safeguards the future of Made in Italy’s illustrious fashion heritage. As brands like Gucci and Armani face questions over authenticity with increased outsourcing, Bottega Veneta’s academy sends a strong message.

By investing wholeheartedly in homegrown artisans, Bottega Veneta reaffirms its commitment to true quality craftsmanship. The academy strengthens fashion’s “Made in Italy” legacy for decades to come through community and mentorship. Its patient, personal approach reflects the care inhered in Bottega Veneta’s 50-year ascent as a globally revered luxury house.

As CEO Rongone stated, “Exceptional craft and creativity are essential to our brand and the heritage of our home region, Veneto.” By passing on expertise to passionate learners, Bottega Veneta secures the human craft behind Italian fashion’s most hallowed houses.

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