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Barbie World Tour: Margot Robbie’s Stylist Chronicles Iconic Looks in New Book

Barbie Book World Tour

Inside Margot Robbie’s Showstopping Barbie Style

Barbiecore style had a major fashion moment and no one leaned into the trend harder than Margot Robbie. The Hollywood star turned heads on the Barbie film promo tour with show-stopping pink looks custom made by top designers. Now fans can get an inside look at the magic behind these viral fashion statements with the upcoming book “Barbie: The World Tour.”

Released by Rizzoli and available for pre-order now, the photo book chronicles stylist extraordinaire Andrew Mukamal’s glamorous collaboration with Robbie to create the ultimate Barbie wardrobe. With behind-the-scenes peeks at the custom outfits alongside stunning red carpet photos by Craig McDean, the book promises an awe-inspiring trip through the world of high fashion fantasy.

Bringing Barbie Style to Life for a Major Movie Moment

As lead actress and producer on the wildly successful Barbie film, Robbie knew making a splash with her press tour fashion would be key. She turned to her longtime stylist Mukamal, whose work with Names like Hunter Schafer and Kristen Stewart keeps him on the cutting edge.

Together, they conceived stunning couture looks bringing the iconic style into the 2020s fashion scene. Design houses like Chanel, Versace and Armani jumped at the chance to collaborate on custom pink confections for Robbie to model around the world.

No detail was spared – from exact doll proportions to massive glittering jewels that would make Dreamhouse Ken jealous. Mukamal expertly tailored each look to cinch Robbie’s waist, accentuate her legs for days and turn up the high-voltage glam.

McDean’s exclusive photos in glamorous locales capture all the hard work and vision behind this incredible style revival. Fashion lovers will be in awe seeing these gorgeous gowns come alive on international streets and red carpets with Robbie’s signature confidence and charm.

More Than a Fashion Book – A Piece of Hollywood History

While the clothes may wow on their own, author Andrew Makamul doesn’t just give glimpses – he pulls back the curtain on the entire collaborative process for creating Margot Robbie’s showgirl Barbie press tour wardrobe.

Exclusive interviews provide insight into Robbie’s inspirations and commitment for really owning the this role inside and out. We get the full story on what a massive logistical feat it was to coordinate so many custom designer pieces being made on insane deadlines. Then having them travel thousands of miles to dress Robbie perfectly among chaotic multi-country press junkets without a wrinkle.

Ultimately, the book immortalizes a key fashion and culture milestone – when Barbie stepped off the toy shelves into icon status for a new generation. Girls and women are embracing standing proudly in their power and femininity against judgement, just as Robbie does. This book provides breathtaking evidence of that revolution through the magic of fashion – plus a fun peek behind Hollywood’s curtain!

So whether trying to recreate these jaw-dropping looks or absorbing an engaging story of creativity and perseverance, fans won’t want to miss “Barbie: The World Tour” when it hits shelves on March 19th, 2024.

Get a front row peek at iconic fashion in the making by preordering now!

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